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Who’s at Fault When You’re in a Hydroplane Accident?

Who’s at Fault When You’re in a Hydroplane Accident?

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We can expect some showers and even downpours this Springtime. But while rain is a good thing for most, driving in rainstorms can make roads dangerous for motorists. On days with heavy downpours, headlines like “skidding car caused an accident” are quite common in the news.

Vehicle tires are designed to ensure good traction on the road and minimize slick road dangers caused by wet weather. When it rains, water should flow through the treads, allowing a vehicle to navigate safely on a wet road. But if the water doesn’t pass through the treads, hydroplaning, which is a gliding motion, occurs causing the car to spin out of control or crash.

Whose fault is it if hydroplaning causes an accident?

Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, blame for hydroplane car accidents might lie with the vehicle owner, the mechanic or the tire manufacturer.

  1. The driver or vehicle owner is to blame if he or she neglects to replace worn out tires.
  2. If a mechanic fails to flag unsafe tires during a mandatory annual vehicle inspection, they will be held accountable for the accident.
  3. Manufacturers can also be found liable if they sell substandard tires which cause a car to hydroplane.

Other factors that can contribute to hydroplaning

When water collects on a road because of a road design flaw, poor maintenance or ongoing construction, such a road is likely to contribute to hydroplaning car accidents. In the state of New York, if a hydroplaning accident happens because the rules that govern road design and construction zones are not followed, liability for the accident falls on the city.

Consult a Westchester County, New York Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been hurt in a hydroplane accident and don’t think it was your fault? Call M. Sean Duffy, Esq. today for a consultation at (914) 879-4550. Please feel free to visit www.accidentvictimhelp.com for more information.

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