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Safety Tips for Preventing Tire Blowouts and Avoiding Car Crashes

Safety Tips for Preventing Tire Blowouts and Avoiding Car Crashes

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Most car accidents are caused by tire blowouts. There are several factors why blowouts can happen. These include:

  • If a tire is over inflated,
  • Driving on tires that have low pressure,
  • Carrying loads in excess of specified weight limit,
  • Driving on worn-out tires,
  • Bad roads,
  • Dangerous object on the road,
  • Manufacturing defects.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  tire problems, such as blowouts, tread separation, or loss of tire tread, contribute to a lot of car accidents. A car that has experienced a blowout for instance, can lose control and run into other vehicles, people, or property. Not to mention, even if your car doesn’t roll over, driving on flat tires as a result of a blowout will damage your rims.

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Car safety tips for preventing blowout-related accidents

Blowouts can result in very deadly accidents. You can prevent such accidents by:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for pressure when inflating your tires.
  2. Avoid straining your vehicle’s tires by not carrying loads that exceed your vehicle’s recommended weight.
  3. Avoid driving on damaged roads as they will wear out your tires.
  4. Replace your tires when you notice the treads are starting to wear out.

Liability for accidents resulting from blown out tires.

If you don’t replace worn out tires and a blowout happens, you’ll be held liable for any resulting injuries and costs.

If the blowout is caused by a bad road or dangerous objects on the road, the municipality responsible for the road will cover damages.

Your best course of action if involved in an accident caused by a tire blowout is to consult our car accident attorneys in Westchester County at (914) 879-4550. We have a lot of experience helping victims of Westchester car accidents get financial compensation. You can also visit www.accidentvictimhelp.com for more information.

This information is in no way legal advice, and does not create the attorney-client relationship. Consult expert legal counsel such as Mr. Duffy to go over your case details to fully answer your questions.

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