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How to Avoid Political Confrontations at Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Avoid Political Confrontations at Thanksgiving Dinner

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A healthy family is one that shares lively conversation.  In some families like mine, that conversation can border at times on the controversial, like religion or politics.  With the recent political outcome, this holiday may be one to remember possibly not for the food.

So, here are some steps to keep opposing views from shattering family bonds:

Focus comments on the subject, not the person

Just because your fresh-and-blood views the issues differently than you, should not mean that the discussion turns on them.  It was bad enough that we had to endure the candidates’ personal attacks during the election. Stay focused on the topic.

Start a conversation when you can finish it

After eating turkey, when the tryptophan is kicking in, is not the time to mention a heated topic.  Cranky responses are mostly likely not the most respectful or reasonable.

Have an open-mind

We all have our views.  Having an open-mind, versus stern positioning, may prove insightful.  Although, if you cannot do this, then keeping the peace with respectfully trying to listen without comment, may be the option you need to employ.

Remember that life goes on

We do have the ability to elect a new president every 4 years.  We should support all points-of-view for the good-of-the-whole.  Change in the positive direction comes from discussions of the issues.

Enjoy your holiday.

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