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Are You Entitled to Compensation If You Get Injured on Your Construction Job? 

Are You Entitled to Compensation If You Get Injured on Your Construction Job? 

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A job is an important thing; it allows you to earn an income, to take care of your family and pay other important expenses. But if you are a construction worker, all that can go away as a serious work injury can take away your ability to earn an income.

Construction sites are accident prone and workers are often subjected to tasks that expose them to injuries. When injured on the job, most construction workers are unable to return to work. They also have to deal with large medical bills, pain and possible job loss.

The good news for construction workers is that in New York, anyone who’s injured during the course of their employment is entitled to receive workers’ compensation. This is the case regardless of the injury incurred or the worker’s job description. With the right legal representation from a lawyer, it’s possible to claim and receive work accident benefits to support yourself through your recovery journey.

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What work accident benefits is a construction worker entitled to after an injury?

Under the workers’ compensation law, workers who sustain injuries during the course of their jobs are entitled to some or all of the following as part of their workers’ comp package:

  • Payment of lost wages,
  • Reimbursement or settlement of medical bills,
  • Payment of rehabilitation costs.

Whether or not you receive all these work accident benefits will depend on the circumstances of your injury case. By securing the best worker’s compensation attorney, you improve your chances of getting higher compensation amount.

Claiming benefits for a work injury can be a complicated process. It’s possible for your claim to be denied and if you get a settlement, it might not be enough to settle your medical and rehabilitation bills and your upkeep. With the right legal help, your rights to accident benefits will be upheld.

What about third party liability?

Sometimes, third parties are to blame for accidents that happen in a construction site. For example, equipment or material being used for construction might be defective. If this is the case, in addition to seeking workers’ compensation, you should talk to your lawyer about filing a personal injury claim.

Going through life with an injury is difficult. To get better, you will need medical attention and rehabilitation. Accident compensation ensures that you get the financial support needed to see you through a full recovery. An experienced injury lawyer will help you to get compensated, cover your financial losses and secure your future.

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This information is in no way legal advice, and does not create the attorney-client relationship. Consult expert legal counsel such as Mr. Duffy to go over your case details to fully answer your questions.

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