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Has Your Car Been Recalled? Here’s What to Do

Sometimes, a car manufacturer can release a new car model that does not meet the standards set by the federal government. If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that vehicles of a certain model are unsafe, the manufacturer will have to recall every vehicle of that make.  The manufacturer will then either repair all the recalled cars or replace them for ...

What to Know When Biking Safely in Westchester County

As gas prices continue to rise, many people have turned to bicycling as an alternative and cheaper means of transportation. A lot of people in Westchester County also ride bicycles for sports and recreation. But every time a bicyclist is on the road, their life is in danger from motorists. Bike riders also endanger their own lives because they disregard rules such as bike helmet safety ...

Are Parents Responsible for Their Teenager’s Car Accident?

Driving for the first time is pretty exciting for a teenager, but not so for parents. Most parents get terrified when their teenage children start driving. Their fears are understandable, as studies show that teenager car crashes make up the majority of road accidents. One such study conducted by the CDC, shows that in 2011, 2650 teenager drivers aged between 16 to 19 were involved in ...

Are You Entitled to Compensation If You Get Injured on Your Construction Job? 

A job is an important thing; it allows you to earn an income, to take care of your family and pay other important expenses. But if you are a construction worker, all that can go away as a serious work injury can take away your ability to earn an income. Construction sites are accident prone and workers are often subjected to tasks that expose them to injuries. When injured on the job, most ...

Will Back-up Cameras Prevent Car Accidents?

The use of automotive technology has grown to become an important part of the road safety campaign, specifically car accident prevention. It’s becoming increasingly common to find advanced car safety features and controls in newer models of motor vehicles. Some of these features perform tasks such as: • Stability control, • Warning the driver about the likelihood of a forward ...

How to Avoid Political Confrontations at Thanksgiving Dinner

A healthy family is one that shares lively conversation.  In some families like mine, that conversation can border at times on the controversial, like religion or politics.  With the recent political outcome, this holiday may be one to remember possibly not for the food. So, here are some steps to keep opposing views from shattering family bonds: Focus comments on the subject, not the ...

How to Stay Safe in Westchester this Holiday

More accidents happen during the holidays due to the increased amount of people on the road.  Just review the basics to stay safe.

3 Simple rules

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Large compensation won in accident case.

 Here how you win a $10,000 case by $500,000 as a Personal Injury Lawyer in Westchester County, NY   This a story of how to fight harder, and most importantly, smarter. See Sean Duffy explaining how this case was won for $500,000. We do fight harder, and most importantly, smarter.        

The 3 Most Common Car Accidents in Westchester County, NY?

Road accidents are a common part of life in our cities. According to 2007 accident statistics for Westchester county alone, approximately 7451 people are involved in road accidents yearly, resulting in vehicle damage, death, and hospitalization or treatment bills in the millions of dollars. The three most common accidents in Westchester County, NY are: Rear End Collision, which ...

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