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The 3 Most Common Car Accidents in Westchester County, NY?

The 3 Most Common Car Accidents in Westchester County, NY?

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Road accidents are a common part of life in our cities. According to 2007 accident statistics for Westchester county alone, approximately 7451 people are involved in road accidents yearly, resulting in vehicle damage, death, and hospitalization or treatment bills in the millions of dollars.

The three most common accidents in Westchester County, NY are:

  1. Rear End Collision, which happens when:
  • The vehicle behind does not maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front and the vehicle in front slows down.
  • The vehicle in front stops and the vehicle behind is following too closely.
  • The driver of the vehicle behind assumes the vehicle in front has started moving, and starts driving.
  1. Left Turn Accident, which occurs when you fail to give way to oncoming traffic when turning left at an intersection. Drivers should always give way to vehicles coming from the left lane, because they have the right of way.
  2. Right Turn form the Furthest Lane Accident. These accidents happen when you turn right from the furthest lane, so that you cut right in front of the vehicle going straight. The vehicle on the lane to your right then ends up colliding with your passenger side.


Effects of Roads Accidents

Accidents can be life-altering and should not be taken lightly. Injuries from road accidents often result in:

  • Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Medical bills
  • Disability
  • Lost wages resulting from inability to continue working (mostly as a result of hospitalization or pain)
  • A life-time of financial suffering due to future rehabilitation expenses and lost future earnings

This is why proper legal representation is important if you have been in a road accident.

What you should do when you’re involved in a road accident

It’s very natural to panic and get confused in accident situations. Panic will cause you to do the wrong things. You’ll also end up saying the wrong things to insurers, who are not necessarily on your side and would rather not compensate you for any damages or injuries.

When involved in a road accident, contact Sean Duffy, an injury lawyer, for guidance and representation on your injury case. Our office has won millions of cases for accident victims and we’d like you to be part of that happy group of customers.

Call us now if you are injured in a car accident.  We can help you reclaim losses at 914-879-4550.


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